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Jan 24, 2013 5:00am EST
sports breakfast. manti te'o and turns out the redskins were targeted in a similar scheme. >> we'll be right back to tell you all about that.  >>> we are taking a break from our snow coverage to talk about manti te'o and the redskins involved in a scheme. >> catfishing. >> i never heard it was before. >> the movie came out a couple of years ago and i didn't know anything about it then and now -- i know more about it now than i ever wanted to know. >> manti te'o, this is the thing. he came out and spoke for the first time his situation and basically, he said in a nutshell, that the woman he was tricked with in the catfishing hoax, he believed that she actually died of cancer. he found out about it in december. he had done all those interviews back in october and everything. he believed then that she was still alive. he found out about the hoax in december, continued to kind of perpetuate the lie if you will after the fact. he talked about this with abc's katie couric in an interview saying he didn't know what else to do. >> my whole world told me she died on september 12t
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am EST
the biggest headlines including the latest on manti te'o's fake girlfriend hoax. when we can expect to hear from the football star next.  >>> many bodies were so so badly disfigured, official are having a hard time determining whether they were attackers or hostages. >>> katie couric has scored the first interview with notre dame linebacker manti te'o. it will be the first on-camera interview given by the all- american since news broke about the dead girlfriend that apparently didn't exit. te'o and his girlfriend will appear on her daytime talk show this thursday. last week, he insisted he was a victim of a hoax, not a participant. >>> barbara walters was admitted to a d.c. hospital over the weekend after she fell at an inauguration party. she reportedly slipped saturday night on a step at the british ambassador's residence and cut her forehead. a spokesperson says the 83-year- old is awake and alert. it is not nope yet when she may be released. >>> still ashe had acre travel nightmare in europe thanks to mother nature. >> plus, eye look at the -- a look at the forecast in th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2